Eric A. Montgomery

Founder / Managing Partner
Brian J. Curry

Founder / Managing Partner

Philip Veas
Managing Partner

Kerry Wood
Partner - Business Development

Lynne Sebastian
Partner - Research
e bruce borner
E. Bruce Borner
Chief Technology Officer

Driven to Succeed

Good doesn’t get it done. We are a team driven by results, and contentment is not in our DNA. We are results-oriented and driven to succeed.

Decades of Search Experience

With a combined 35 years in executive search, our team offers hard won experience in the nuanced process of attracting top talent for your key roles. We use a proven search methodology, and have developed a unique way of presenting an opportunity to get the attention of High Impact Leaders.

We Have Been Senior Operators

The principals of the firm had successful careers in senior leadership positions prior to entering search, several of which yielded large IPOs or acquisitions. We know first hand what personal qualities and functional skills are necessary in a demanding growth environment.

Proven Performance

We have completed hundreds of challenging assignments for a variety of early stage and mature-growth companies, and our “failure is not an option” attitude has resulted in a solid track record of performance.

Self Imposed Limit on Searches

You can be assured that we never take on a search for which we have insufficient bandwidth. We limit the search load per partner to 2-3, typically spread among searches at various stages.

We Guarantee Our Work

Every search we do is backed by a guarantee. If a candidate does not work out over their first six months of employment, a replacement search is done at no extra charge.

Few Off-Limits Accounts

As a boutique firm with few off-limits, we have the advantage of being able to source top candidates from a large number of target companies.

We Act As Your Ambassadors

In each search, we act as an extension of your organization. You want your brand to be accurately and favorably represented, and candidates to feel as though they are being treated courteously and professionally. We strive to achieve this on every assignment.