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Testimonials — Technology


Fairfield Partners ran a professional process involving selecting the right target candidates and demonstrating deep knowledge of the B2B Tech sales leadership function and our industry domain. They provided a comprehensive assessment of each candidate that went beyond the interview and included behind the scenes research. The winning candidate has exceeded our expectations and we have no hesitation in giving Fairfield Partners our highest recommendation.

— Anthony Venus | CEO, YayPay


The Fairfield Partners team fully embodies the concept of “Partner”. They worked with us as the COVID19 situation first unfolded. As a partner you’re not only looking for an organization you can trust but also one that can adapt and evolve with your organization. I can say with 100% confidence that if you hire Fairfield Partners they will be there for you in the trenches, each step of the way, until you hire the exact fit for your organization. I highly recommend working with them.

— Sedarius Perrotta | CEO, Shelf


We operate in a highly competitive tech business and having strong leadership in our key senior positions is essential to our success. The outcome of the EVP Sales and Marketing search we did with Fairfield Partners has transformed our company and materially improved our results. I highly recommend them due to their ability to deliver.

— Jonathan Tarud | CEO and Founder, Koombea


Fairfield Partners excels at Marketing executive search for the B2B tech industry. Their diligence in shaping requirements, proven approach to identifying candidates, and quiet professionalism throughout the entire process make them a go-to for key roles. These are senior positions, high-impact hires who will make crucial contributions and you only get one chance to get it right.

— Susanna Parry-Hoey | CMO-Digital Business, Cognizant


When the time came to fill a key position, we turned to Fairfield Partners because we knew of their reputation for quality and professionalism. They ran a tightly orchestrated search process and quickly assembled an excellent slate of candidates. We succeeded in recruiting a high impact VP Sales who is now materially helping to drive our growth.

— Oni Chukwu | CEO, Aventri


I have found the team at Fairfield Partners to be consummate professionals. They are insightful in understanding our unique needs and through intense execution and focus have consistently delivered outstanding talent. We consider them to be our trusted search partner.

— Dan Shimmerman | CEO, Blueprint Systems


Our product offering breaks new ground and required finding someone with truly unique characteristics for our key technology leadership role. Fairfield Partners proved highly skilled at executing a search to identify someone with this unique skill set, and who is also a spot-on cultural fit. We are extremely satisfied by their performance.

— Ted Dacko | CEO, XLerant


As an early-stage interactive health care company, hiring the right VP Business Development was essential to achieving our aggressive growth objectives. Fairfield Partners executed a thorough and intensive search and got the job done right.

— Scott McQuigg | CEO, GoNoodle


We are growing rapidly and needed a sales leader to help take us to the next level. The team at Fairfield Partners, helped by their own early stage operating experience, delivered a strong slate of candidates and the one we selected has made a significant contribution to the company’s growth. Fairfield Partners delivers results.

— Richard Simons | CEO, Creative Virtual USA


We hired Fairfield Partners for their search methodology and strong network within the high tech industry. The team’s keen understanding of our requirements and their concentrated execution effort resulted in a great outcome. We recruited a top flight VP whom we would not have found without their help. The search was completed in less than 90 days and this individual is already making a strong contribution to our success. We recommend Fairfield Partners as an executive search resource.

— David Shuster | Founder and President, ExploreLearning


We had a need to fill several key SVP roles and the team at Fairfield Partners took the time to understand the precise requirements of each. The search process was well organized and transparent, and we saw a number of top flight candidates. The results were outstanding and we are thrilled with the results.

— Franklin Bober | CEO, Stylesight


The team at Fairfield Partners got the job done when we had two critical VP-level roles to fill in our Retail Solutions Group. They developed a deep understanding of our ideal candidate profile and applied a highly focused and disciplined process to the search. The two recruited executives have made a material impact on our performance. Fairfield Partners team members have a “failure is not an option” attitude and it shows in their search execution.

— David Lynch | EVP General Manager, Affinion Retail Solutions